RootWhole MX

Helps new plantings establish fast and strong

RootWhole MX supports and helps defend small trees and vines. It gives the plant the opportunity to meet its genetic potential early-on to ensure that it thrives long-term.

Planting, handling and root trimming cause damage to young plant roots that may provide pathogens with colonisation opportunities. Root Whole MX brings microbial defenders, immune system required micronutrients and growth promoting metabolites to where it is required during the establishment phase.

RootWhole MX is a bio-organic amendment comprised of a large community of beneficial microbes and their organic products.

The compost in the unique formulation contains a significant amount of humus, which aids with water holding.  It and the clays used contains trace elements that increase the natural reserve of plant nutrients and minerals directly within the root zone.

The beneficial aerobic microbial community in RootWhole MX increases in size as the plant grows; continually keeping pathogens at bay and ensuring improved soil condition for roots.

RootWhole MX is easy to apply.  Contact us to book your mix today!

RootWhole MX
Mycorrhizae fungi, Trichoderma fungi, Bacillus,
Pseudomonas and Streptomyces bacterial species amongst many others, Humic Acid, Sea Kelp extract, Amino Acids
Root promoting Vitamins, Micronutrient carrying clays and mature compost as base for this special mix

How to apply
Place plant in plant hole
Pour a 200ml cup of RootWhole MX over roots, and
Close plant hole