What is Compost Tea?

Compost Tea is a water extraction of compost. The micro-organisms present in the compost is multiplied by adding selective nutritive substrata.

Compost tea systems

Compost Tea Systems

We supply Compost Tea Systems for various size operations and application methods.

Compost Tea Ingredients

Ecosoil’s Starter, Activator and Compost Tea are certified according to European, American and Japanese organic standards.

Compost tea starter
Compost tea - apex


Apex is a biostimulant that promotes root growth, feeds micro-organisms and buffers the negative qualities of synthetic fertiliser.

Liquid Humates

Humic acid is a powerful fungal stimulant. Fungi enhances soil structure, resulting in better water and air holding capacity.

Root Whole MX

Root Whole MX supports and helps defend small trees and vines.

Programme for creating a Regenerative Farm

Each farm is unique and requires a tailor made regenerative programme.


Study comparisons between control applications and compost tea applications.