Fertility TWO F2 Organic Fertiliser
(Certified Organic)

The Fertility Two F2 organic product provides both plant and soil-life nutritional and system catalytic energy.

This F2 product is mainly derived from plant seeds, i.e., nature’s store of future life and energy.

Fertility Two (F2) Organic Fertiliser
Fertility Two (F2)

Fertility Two F2 stimulates plant beneficial soil microbial activity.  The fermented, all bio-available food source activates the soil microbial communities that enhance plant available nutrition.

The high level of catalytic energy contained in this fertility product provides microorganisms with the additional energy required to help fix and overcome soil chemical imbalances and facilitates the conversion of nitrates into amino acids and proper proteins.

1-2-3 Fertility Series of Organic Fertilisers (Certified Organic) processes

Fertility Two F2 aims to help:

  • Stimulate microbial metabolic activity and extracellular polymeric substance production.
  • Increase chelation of plant available minerals.
  • Protect and promote healthy root growth.
  • Stimulate balanced top growth.
  • Improve soil structure.
  • Build levels of soil organic carbon.
  • Decrease fertiliser and chemical input needs.

The combination of energy-rich carbon food sources and highly active microbial population, enhances microbially mediated plant metabolite production and mineral availability.