The new scientific view is that plants are dynamic, intelligent and highly sensitive organisms.


Natural systems are healthy and do not need external inputs for their nutritional or pest control requirements.


Soil organisms act as the bridge between the plant and the soil and can be regarded as the regulator of the soil building and plant feeding processes.

Ecosoil__Rhizospehe chemical root signalling


It is now well recognized that all plants, and nearly all tissues within the plant, are inhabited by a variety of micro-organisms.

Soil Building Process

Soil building is a plant driven process whereby carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere and locked into the soil.

Nutrient Management

Most of the ‘deficiencies’ observed in today’s plants, animals and people are due to soil conditions not being conducive to nutrient uptake.

Water Management

Most agricultural soils are not equipped to handle heavy down pours of rain, followed by long dry periods.

Ecosoil Chemical pesticide spraying

The Process of Soil Degradation

Bacteria have a 5:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio and contain about 17% nitrogen in their bodies. Soil tillage and nitrogen applications stimulate bacteria to multiply. In the absence of applied carbon, they have no choice but to target humus. When soil carbon is lost, we also lose the storage space for nitrogen and other minerals.