Compost Tea Ingredients

Starter and Activator

The Starter contains the microbial inoculant and is a propriety blend of various different kinds of composts that we manufacture ourselves. Ecosoil takes great care and attention when producing compost for Compost Tea purposes. Various compost recipes and microbial inoculants are used, some of which are personally collected in nature.

The various heaps are blended and sieved and the end product is called “Compost Tea Starter.”

The Activator is a combination of 8 different ingredients to multiply the organisms in the Compost Tea over a 48 hour period. The selection and amount of food additives were determined after stringent scientific testing to ascertain their effect on the multiplication on all microbial groups found in the Compost Tea (bacteria, fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes) without decreasing oxygen levels below 6 parts per million.

Ecosoil’s Starter, Activator and Compost Tea are certified according to European, American and Japanese organic standards.

Ceres Organiese Sertifikaat -Ecosoil 2019



Apex is a biostimulant that promotes root growth, feeds micro-organisms and buffers the negative qualities of synthetic fertiliser. It contains various organic acids, sugars and plant growth hormones.

Compost tea - apex

Liquid Humates

  • Humic acid is a powerful fungal stimulant. Fungi enhances soil structure, resulting in better water and air holding capacity and increases root movement within the soil.
  • Microbes need a carbon source to digest nitrogen. Humates supply carbon and thus limit carbon stripping from the soil. It is very important that the humates are non-toxic and microbe friendly.
  • Humates stabilise nitrogen and improves nitrogen efficiency.
  • Humates complexes with phosphate to reduce lockups (ideal with DAP and MAP).
  • Increases the permeability of the cells thus increasing nutrient uptake by as much as 40%.
  • Has a pH buffering capacity, which will help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes. Humates can also buffer the effects of excessive elements, especially sodium, toxic chemicals and heavy metals.