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About Ecosoil

Ecosoil is the only African supplier of large-scale Compost Tea Systems. We also manufacture and supply microbially diverse Compost Tea inoculants (Starter) and food substrates (Activator) that enable growers to produce Compost Tea on-site in a cost-effective manner. Compost Tea is a very efficient way to reintroduce topsoil forming micro-organisms and is easy to apply through the irrigation system.

Compost tea starter

Compost Tea is a water extraction of compost. The micro-organisms present in the compost is multiplied by adding selective nutritive substrata. As the number of microbes in the extraction increases, the levels of dissolved oxygen decrease and thus air is constantly bubbled through the system to keep the extraction aerobic.

Our Compost Tea Systems are fully areobic and heated to 25 degrees Celcius. They are completely modular and available in 40L, 200L, 1200L, 2500L and 5000L configurations.

Compost tea systems
Compost tea - apex


Bio-Stimulants are used to stimulate natural processes in the soil that will enhance/benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to stress, and crop quality

A programme to build soil fertility, reduce input costs and improve production quality and quantity.

Benefits of Soil and Foliar Compost Tea Applications

Ecosoil - Benefits of soil and foliar applications of compost tea


Many of you may be new to farming and may have “inherited” a dead, diseased soil with little soil function and might not be aware of the true potential of what lies beneath your feet. Your soil was once fertile. As an illustration of how soil function can be restored, we would like to share the story of Ecosoil’s founder.
“Regenerative agriculture is not possible without actively forming topsoil and new topsoil cannot form unless there are high levels of biological activity. Once we recognise the significance of this relationship, and focus on its achievement, agriculture becomes less complicated and far more rewarding.”
Dr. Christine Jones
Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme

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